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“Hippocrates ​Electrosmog Appeal Belgium”

On the eve of the deployment of 5G, Belgian health professionals sound the alarm.

​Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, connected objects of all kinds, WiFi at home, at workplaces, nurseries, schools, transport and public places,… The exposure of the population to electromagnetic radiation from radio frequencies / microwave (RF / MO) keeps increasing. We are now talking about the arrival of 5G and its myriad of connected objects.

However, the safety of this ubiquitous and prolonged exposure has never been demonstrated.

On the contrary, evidence of its harmfulness accumulates. Since 2011, electromagnetic RF / MO radiation from wireless technologies is considered by the WHO as possibly carcinogenic.

The Precautionary Principle was by no means respected during the massive deployment of these wireless technologies. The standards intended to protect the population from exposure to electromagnetic RF / MO radiation only take into account the heating of tissues (thermal effect) during an exposure of limited duration (30 minutes). These standards do not take into account repeated and / or prolonged exposures or any other non-thermal biological effects that occur at values ​​well below ​​currently permitted values. They have not been designed to protect fetuses, children, adolescents, the elderly.

The widespread deployment of wireless technologies has had known health risks for several decades. Thousands of studies (cell, animal, epidemiological studies) confirm the existence of non-thermal biological effects induced by exposure to electromagnetic RF / MO radiation emitted by wireless technologies. For children, the risks may be increased due to cumulative effects of prolonged exposure. Their developing and immature brains, organs and tissues may be more sensitive to exposure.

As health professionals, we deplore more and more pathologies that may be related to environmental components such as the increasing exposure of the population to electromagnetic radiation from wireless.

We are also meeting more and more people with physical disorders potentially related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. They describe headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia, skin rashes, muscle and / or joint pain, severe cognitive impairment (attention and concentration deficit, loss of immediate memory), heart problems (arrhythmia, tachycardia),…. These symptoms disappear when the person moves away from the source of exposure. These people suffer from the so-called electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) syndrome recognized in Sweden as a functional disability. They are often unable to work and experience a form of social exclusion.

With reference to Resolution 1815 of May 2011 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and in line with dozens of calls from doctors and scientists around the world, we ask that federal, regional and local public representatives take their responsibilities and take the necessary measures to obtain:

  • the application of the precautionary principle in order to protect the population, especially the youngest,

  • the prohibition of WiFi in kindergartens, nursery schools and places with young children,

  • stopping the deployment of WiFi and connected objects in schools and return to unconnected or wired alternatives,

  • health impact studies before deploying new wireless telecommunications technologies, including 5G,

  • a moratorium on the deployment, distribution and sale of connected objects such as phones, tablets, games, watches, baby phones and other RF / MO transmitters for children,

  • raising awareness among citizens, in particular parents, teenagers and pregnant women,  to a reasoned and responsible user of wireless connected objects,

  • educating health professionals about the biological and health risks to exposure to electromagnetic radiation,

  • means to invest in research concerning the etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS),

  • recognition of the existence and extent of EHS as a syndrome that affects more and more adults and children,

  • the creation of a "vigilance center" to monitor the evolution of emerging EHS cases,

  • the establishing of truly protective exposure standards based on the biological and non-thermal effects of EMF.

Consult the list of signatories here.

As healthcare professionals, sign this appeal and request the application of the precautionary principle here. here.

Help us spread this call. See how to do it here here.

Our printable documents can be found: here

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