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Exposure to non-ionising radiation linked to power lines, communication and electronics - Recent opinion from the Superior Health Council: May 2019

Close exposure to power lines was found to be associated with childhood leukemia (Tabrizi et al., 2015; Schuz, 2011). Microwave non-ionising radiation was shown to act through voltage-gated calcium channel activation to induce biological impacts at non-thermal levels (Anghileri et al., 2006; Pall et al., 2015).


Maternal exposure to mobile phone frequency electromagnetic fields was associated with behavioral and speech problems in children (Birks et al., 2017; Zarei et al., 2015). Use of mobile phone and cordless phones was observed to be associated with increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma (Hardell et al., 2013).


According to Levis et al. (2011) blind protocols, free from errors, bias, and financial conditioning factors, give positive results that reveal a cause-effect relationship between long-term mobile phone use or latency and statistically significant increase of ipsilateral head tumor risk, with biological plausibility.


The meta-analyses (included that of Levis et al., 2011), examining only data on ipsilateral tumors in subjects using mobile phones since or for at least 10 years, show large and statistically significant increases in risk of ipsilateral brain gliomas and acoustic neuromas (Levis et al., 2011).

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